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 MALE auditions basic details

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PostSubject: MALE auditions basic details   MALE auditions basic details I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 4:53 am

Aeternalis Musique Entertainment

MALE auditions basic details Logo
SUUUBSCRIBE ^_________________^

Calling all rappers~!
and others-singers-if interested.
(Oh dangg..serious business right thurr..joke, ofcourse x3)

What are you auditioning for?

Aeternalis Musique Ent. An un-official 'company' -Or you can say vocal groups- that has been operating for nearly two years:) -I know it's not that long, but I'm still proud xD-
This is basically generic to other vocal groups except for our grading system...
Pretty much, what will happen is...
You will be assigned a song, and will be 'graded' or judged on it. You may be asked to re-do your singing/rapping a bunch of times, so please be patient. We hope that this will help improve the vocal abilities of those who already sing/rap 'well' and make it 'better'

Commitment is important too because if you're WAYYY late too many times, you get kicked out... ;P

Those who join AME are called 'trainees' and the trainees, staff and fans(if any...>.<) are called the AME family. You must be kind to your family.. I know yours taught you that one;) Theres a great amount of teamwork involved.

If you are sent to 'Room M'
In AME[forums]there is three training rooms. Room Double J, Room M and a joined room. There's no difference whatsoever except room M trainees are trained by yours truley, and Room double J trainees are trained by another trainer. The joint or main room is lead by one of double J's two trainers. She is the main trainer meaning she assigns most/important projects and does the heavy judging.

No difference in quality.


-Read the rules D<
-Can't be a part of another vocal group similar to us (Vocal groups where you give a new audition per song/optional stuff and vocal groups with your friends are fine though)

-Must be nice to the other members of the 'family'
-You must be able to respond quickly...or atleast at all...
-We ask of you to be patient, for we get inactive quite alot, and we ask of you to not leave as we take these long breaks.
-Must do well with teamwork.
-We do tend to heartlessly criticize and point out EXACTLY what you should do and why/how you are doing it wrong...But Please don't get offended. We never tell anyone they are bad at doing their thing because if you were bad...would we have accepted you in the first place?
-Hard worker! Someone who follows rules well and does their 'job thoroughly.
-Be Devoted/Dedicated
-Love the family:)
-If ever, you know you can't turn your projects in or you want to quit...please just tell us instead of randomly disappearing


Please fill out the following blue/purple text.

Name you'd rather go by(stage name):
Date of birth/Age:
Singer, rapper or both?:
Youtube account:
Do you think you can try to be a bit dedicated?:
Audition Clip(s):
Artists you like: (any genre/ethnicity)

[center]And send the form to:
Or leave it here...whatever floats your boat. Smile

True Facts:
WE WILL messege you in youtube for important messeges and stuff. SO yeah, we'll contact you there alot of the time
Your info will not be shared, so if you don't want anyone to know you're in some dorky vocal group, they don't need to know xD
You will be reffered to by your stage name.
more info will be given upon acceptance.
those not accepted will be contacted on a later date(this might sound mean but...when we have time xD)
You can and will get kicked out for disrespect, inactivity and stuff like that...

I think I wrote too much D:
I hope you read the rules and stuff xDD
so yess
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MALE auditions basic details
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